“Antique mirrors” is a general term used to describe mirrors that have coatings or tints that make a mirror appear as if it has deteriorated with age. Antique mirror glass may not be actually antique, however, typically they feature ornate frames, dark edges, and distressed patches to give it that antique look. You’ll find antique mirror glass at Matra Glass.

Matra Glass & Plastics is your premier destination for Sydney antique glass and mirrors supply. With ultra-modern systems and materials, Matra Glass & Plastics is at the forefront of the glazing and plastics industry in Sydney. Each day we prove our reputation for premium expertise, workmanship and service standards. We pride ourselves on tailoring our antique mirror glass to suit any application. Our professional team in our Blacktown factory will provide Additionally, with a wide range of glass and mirrors available, we will do our best to meet your project needs and your budget.

People choose an antique mirror usually for a special designer feature, for example, to add a vintage vibe to an interior or to make a visual statements on feature walls. They need not be a large format, it may also be used as tiles for a truly unique look.

Their decorative and often elaborate frames offer character to an otherwise plain room, and antique mirror glass can form an impressive focal point of a room.

Antique mirrors pair well with vintage style furniture, plus they look great in multiple design settings. For example, an antique mirror above a fireplace or piano for a deeply classical style. Alternatively, next to a modern office desk or modern fittings for an eclectic finish.

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